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Kids Snowsports Levels
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Kids Ski & Snowboard Levels

Ski Levels

White - First Time on Snow

  • Move about on skis and ride the Magic Carpet
  • Do a straight run without losing balance
  • Do small jumps and hops
  • Do a sliding wedge from the top of the Magic Carpet
  • Stand up after falling
  • Come to a comfortable stop in a wedge
  • Ride the Nice 'N' Easy Platter Lift

Yellow - Plater to Easy Rider

  • Ski a complete turn to both sides
  • Link turns to control speed
  • Side step up a hill
  • Match skis at the end of the turn
  • Safely load and ride the Home Basin Express Chairlift
  • Ski Easy Rider in control

Green - Easy Rider to Easy Blue

  • Match skis to parallel in the middle of the turn
  • Control speed and direction on green terrain
  • Skate skis on flat terrain
  • Match skis all the way through a turn on green terrain
  • Ski Pete's Treat with control and balance

Blue - Parallel on All Blue Runs

  • Ski Roller Coaster with parallel skis
  • Know how to use poles to pole plant
  • Do hockey stops out of a traverse
  • Carve turns without sliding on Pete's Treat
  • Ski backwards and link a few turns
  • Ski bumps and easy off-piste terrain
  • Link clean parallel turns in the steep part of Main Street

Red - Advanced Parallel

  • Ski Camel in control
  • Link by turns on red trails and do proper pole planting
  • Go over some features in the Jazz Fun Park
  • Do short radius turns down Raffils
  • Do a snow 360
  • Do a strong hockey stop on a red run
  • Ski full length off-piste runs like Cloud Nine and Upper Sinclairs
  • Link turns of different radius down Saddle Back

Black - Expert, All Mountain

  • Ski off-piste runs in a smooth and fluid style top to bottom
  • Carve strong turns down Saddle Back
  • Jump a 180
  • Ski strong turns while maintaining my speed down Big Skite
  • Go over the kickers in the Jazz Fun Park
  • Link switch parallel turns down Nice 'N' Easy Platter Lift
  • Ski Upper Gun Barrel fast and in control with a creative use of terrain 

 Snowboard levels

White - First Time on Snow

  • Strap my snowboard on and off
  • Balance on my snowboard
  • Ollie on the flat
  • Stand up after falling
  • Skate around on the flat
  • Walk up the hill with one foot strapped in
  • Do a 1 foot straight run
  • Do a 1 foot J-turn to stop

Yellow - Learn to Turn

  • Side slide and floating leaf on heel side
  • Side slide and floating lead of toe side
  • Ride the Nice 'N' Easy Platter Lift
  • Do heel side and toe side garlands
  • Do a heel side turn
  • Do a toe side turn
  • Link both turns down the Nice 'N' Easy Platter

Green - Easy Rider to Easy Blue

  • Link turns comfortably down the Nice 'N' Easy Platter
  • Do some flatland freestyle moves
  • Safely load and unload the Home Basin Express Chairlift
  • Ride Easy Rider confidently turning both ways to control speed

Blue - Riding Intermediate Runs

  • Link my turns on Main Street
  • Carve turns without sliding on Pete's Treat
  • Ride switch down Nice 'N' Easy Platter
  • Ride over boxes in the Jazz Fun Park
  • Link turns in control down Raffils
  • Ride easy bumps and off-piste terrain

Red - Advanced

  • Ride Camel in control
  • Control basic air in and outside the Jazz Fun Park
  • Ride switch comfortably and land 180's
  • I can grab my snowboard while doing a jump
  • Ride Super Pipe with confidence
  • Make turns all the way down Cloud Nice and Gun Barrel

Black - Expert, All Mountain

  • Carve turns on steep terrain
  • Ride moguls with rhythm
  • Do freestyle tricks in the Jazz Fun Park
  • Ride switch on steep runs
  • Ride black terrain in all conditions
  • Ride with good flow, linking different tricks together

Skill Up - Don't Slip Up