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TC Kids Corner

Treble Cone is a white and fluffy winter playground ready for people of all sizes to explore and enjoy. Grab Mum and Day and go exploring the Jazz Kids Terrain Trail with all its' jumps, bumps and colours, or try finding TC Cat who loves to hiding in the caves found under the Saddle Basin Chairlift.

Treble Cone, NZ - A Zebra Jumping in Jazz Kids Terrain Trial

There is always plenty of fun happening up at Treble Cone, and now you can take some of that fun home. Ask Mum or Dad if you can 'Click' on the activities below to download and print your very own take home version of Treble Cone.

Kids Colour Line

Kids TC Trail Maps

Wow, your very own Treble Cone Trail Map to help you explore, play and improve when skiing or snowboarding at Treble Cone. Help TC Cat find his skis and poles and earn TC Cat stickers by trying new tricks when skiing or snowboarding with TC Cat Club (Kids Snowsport School), having fun on snow is as easy as one, two.... play!!

'Click' on the TC Trail Maps to view or download your own PDF ticket to explore.

Treble Cone, NZ - Kids Trail Map (front)Treble Cone, NZ - Kids Trail Map (back)


Kids Colour Line

Colour In TC Cat

'Click' on TC Cat to download a print friendly PDF version to colour in.

Treble Cone, NZ - TC Cat skiing b&w colour in

Treble Cone, NZ - TC Cat smiling b&w colour in




Kids Colour Line

Play Games with TC Cat

Some times when it is cold and windy outside, TC Cat plays games indoors, helping him stay warm and dry.

Click on the games below to to view or download your own PDF version of some of the games TC Cat plays.

Treble Cone, NZ - TC Cat Find a Word

Treble Cone, NZ - TC Cat Maze