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meet the tc Ambassadors

As one of the biggest, longest and steepest resorts in the Southern Hemisphere, Treble Cone has become a favourite training ground for some of the world's elite Freeskiers, Freeriders, Racers and all round snow enthusiasts. The Treble Cone team of Ambassadors are local athletes or TC devotees  who are proud to call Treble Cone their Southern Hemisphere Winter Home.

Follow the TC Ambassadors for a locals look into Treble Cone's competition scene, backcountry access, gear reviews and what's going on around town.

Sam Smoothy

  • Southern hemisphere home mountain: Treble Cone
  • Nationality: Kiwi
  • Number of years skiing: 28
  • Number of years skiing Treble Cone: 28
  • Sponsors: The North Face, Volkl, Marker, ION POV cameras, Dalbello, Mons Royale
  • Sams's website:

Sam Smoothy's Insides' of Guide to Treble Cone 

When asked to describe his perfect day skiing Treble Cone: Would have to be a classic bluebird August day. 30cm of fresh on a stable base with a crew of the usual Wanaka and Canterbury degenerates, shralping main basin before winning the Chinese downhill to the Saddle Chair and getting first tracks down glory chute and lapping it all until we collapse down to the balcony for a beer staring out over one of the best views in the skiing world.

When asked about his first memory skiing Treble Cone: I remember there was an old school aerials jump competition just off the side of Main Street. My long time ski pal Nick Kingston and I were adamant we wanted to do at the ripe old age of possibly 5. Our parents said it was the competition or the pie but jumping won out so there we were, in neon bicycle helmets around the femur height of the other jumpers. I remember the take-off, being flung into space with my eyes shut, holding the biggest spread eagle I ever had and then disintegrating on landing. This fail proof plan was repeated enough times that we left that day with a huge bag of cookie time cookies and I've been hooked on them since. Clever marketing now that I look back, 20+ years of brand loyalty, smart cookies those people. Haha dad pun.


  • 2015 - Freeride World Tour: 5th Overall
  • 2015 - 4th Freeride World Tour: Haines, Alaska
  • 2015 - 1st Freeride World Tour: Vallnord Arcalis, Andorra
  • 2014 - Freeride World Tour:  2nd Overall
  • 2014 - 1st Freeride World Tour: Fieberbrunn, Austria
  • 2013 - 1st Freeride World Tour: Chamonix, France
  • 2012 - Freeride World Tour: 4th Overall 

Sam Smoothy Skiing Treble Cone, Wanaka NZSam Smoothy skiing out the back of Treble Cone

Fraser McDougall

  • Nickname: Mc-D
  • Nationality: New Zealander
  • Number of years skiing: 18 (10 at Treble Cone)
  • Favourite TC terrain: The Summit and the backside
  • Sponsors: The North Face, Volkl, and Mons Royal
  • Fraser's website:

Fraser McDougall's Insiders' Guide to Treble Cone Ski Resort, Wanaka NZ

When asked about his favourite thing about Treble Cone: '(Hard to narrow down to one point) The contrast of challenging yet fun terrain, honing in on your skills there will always be something here for you. In contrast if you feel like blasting down groomers rather testing your off-piste skills you’ll find your self in an uncontrollable grin.
The friends you didn’t think you had? It’s a great vibe on a powder day, besides just the chill of a post southerly storm there is something else in the air- Excitement. Everyone is there to have a good time, you yip and holla at anyone charging down the mountain or enjoying a deep turn- an acknowledgment and expel of excitement. Friends are found aplenty if you’re whiling to share in the excitement.
An epic local pie and local brew with an epic view to sit and admire after a hard days skiing!

When asked about his favourite thing about Wanaka: As the seasons come and go so do the different crowds. As visitors pour in and the town approaches max capacity it takes on a whole new vibe. The town is a real buzz.

NZ Skier issue 90 Fraser

Photo by

Fraser McDougall


  • 2015 - 1st Freeride World Qualifier (*2): Verbier, Switzerland
  • 2014 - NZ Open: The Remarkables, New Zealand
  • (2012 –Plagued with injury)
  • 2011 - 2nd World Heli Challenge: Wanaka, New Zealand
  • 2011 - 5th New Zealand Open
  • 3rd 2010 World Heli Challenge


Anna Smoothy

  • Southern hemisphere home mountain: Treble Cone
  • Nickname: Banana
  • Nationality: New Zealand
  • Number of years skiing: 25 years at Treble Cone!
  • Favourite TC terrain: Matukituki Bowl, Mototapu Chutes and of course the obligatory stroll up to The Summit!!

Anna Smoothy's Insiders' Guide to Treble Cone Ski Resort, Wanaka NZ

When asked about her favourite thing about Treble Cone: That you can just check the web cams and go. You don't have to ring around to see who's keen to go shredding because you know you'll find someone to ski with as soon as you make it up above the inversion! It's like happy hour at your local, there's always someone to shoot the breeze with, you just need to turn up!

Spring skiing rates pretty highly for me and Treble Cone has the most playful terrain of natural hits and gulleys. It's hands down my favourite spring shredding spot around the globe. I've noticed in the euro spring 2014, there has been a lot of videos posted about silly spring skiing on tussocks and grass - these guys must have gotten their inspiration from Treble Cone Riders because this is our favourite October sport! And those euros don't even have to deal with spaniards and their spikey embrace - Treble Cone Skiers, setting trends since ages ago!

Anna Smoothy at the Melody Sky RockgardenAnna Smoothy at the Melody Sky Rockgarden


  • Verbier Freeride Week : 1st Womens (2* Event)
  • Verbier Freeride Week: 5th Womens (3* Event)
  • Temmos Freeride Chamonix: 3rd Womens (2* Event)
  • Black Diamond Chill Series Event: 2nd Ski Womens (2*Event)

Anna Smoothy in the Melody Sky Rock GardenAnna Smoothy at the Melody Sky Rock Garden


Pete Oswald

  • Nickname: Pete, or Chug Monkey
  • Nationality: NZ
  • Number of years skiing: 24
  • Number of years riding Treble Cone: Hmmm about 13
  • Sponsors: K2 Skis, Smith Optics, Icebreaker, Planks Ski Clothing, Torpedo7, Dakine
  • Pete's website:

Pete Oswald shot by Dan PowerPete of the back of Treble Cone. Photo Dan Power

When asked about his favourite run at Treble Cone: With a rat pack of local mates hussing down under the 6 chair boosting and tricking off all the cat tracks of Triple Treat.

When asked to describe his perfect day skiing Treble Cone: Just a good classic pow day up TC shedding the lifts to bits with just a couple of good mates then hiking in the afternoon to score what fresh is left. Topped off with a flip of the summit rocks and beers back down by Lake Wanaka.

When asked about his best day at Treble Cone: Any of the crazy closing day ski parties in the spring time!

Pete Oswald shot by Giacum Frei

Pete flippin' taken by Glacum Frei

All Us In Winterland

All Us In Winterland (AUIW) are a group of  national and international skiers, all with the same mentality; have all of the fun and showcase skiing to those who matter.

All Us In Winterland

Mike Handford

  • Southern hemisphere home mountain:  Treble Cone
  • Nationality: British
  • Number of years riding: 13
  • Sponsors:  Jones Snowboards, Spark R&D, Airblaster, Smith Optics, Mons Royale
  • Favourite TC terrain: Straight under the Saddle Chair.

Photo by Riley Bathurst

Photo By Riley Bathurst

When asked to describe his perfect day skiing Treble Cone: A storm day with a 1 o'clock clear. No crowds and fresh snow.

When asked about his first memory skiing Treble Cone: Hiking the summit for the first time.

When asked about his favourite thing about Treble Cone: The terrain, the crew and the backcountry access.

When asked about his favourite thing about Wanaka: The Wanaka lifestyle. Good friends, goof beer and plenty of activities. 

Photo by Dan Power

Photo by Dan Power

Tori Beattie

  • Nationality: Tasmanian.
  • Number of years skiing: 34.
  • Sponsors: Waning.
  • Favourite TC terrain: The Saddle

Tori Knee Deeping in Snow

Tori Knee Deeping in Snow.

When asked to describe her perfect day skiing Treble Cone: Takes a variety of forms. The perfect powder day = midweek with a surprise lunchtime opening in the clouds to keep the numbers down, and then just me and the rat pack scoring cold-smoke faceshot freshies off the saddle chair, which opened to little fanfare in the late morning under the careful and caring guidance of patrol. At the other end of the scale is the springtime slush shred session under sunny clear skies, skiing to the very last chair of the day and having as much fun as humanly possible. 

When asked about her first memory skiing Treble Cone: The view, the terrain, watching the Keas steal someone’s lunch out of their backpack!

When asked about her favourite thing about Treble Cone: The view, the terrain, watching the Keas entertain the masses on the cafe patio!

When asked about her favourite thing about Wanaka: It’s a little slice of paradise at the bottom of the world.