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Treble Cone - qualmark silver fern

Qualmark Enviro Award SilverTreble Cone was the First New Zealand Ski Resort to be Awarded the Qualmark Enviro Silver Fern 

Treble Cone leads the New Zealand ski industry in efforts to reduce the environmental footprint of guests and staff. Treble Cone was the first ski area to be awarded a Qualmark Enviro Silver Fern for introducing the following environmental sustainability initiatives:

Work with the experts

Treble Cone started working with Sustainable Wanaka in 2006 to ensure guests and staff can make a real difference by creating and maintaining a sustainable lifestyle at Treble Cone and within the Wanaka community.

Recycling programme

In 2007 Treble Cone introduced recycling on the mountain; guests can now separate waste at their favourite ski area like they do at home with curb side recycling. Following this, after assessing where we generated the most waste in 2008 Treble Cone introduced biodegradable packaging throughout our café, drastically reducing the impact on our environment by reducing the amount of plastic going into landfill.

No more wasted Watts

At Treble Cone we have streamlined our power consumption, by ensuring that no watts are wasted! All staff and public are encouraged to switch off lights and plugs at the wall, to stop those watts from wandering. We saved over 11% power usage in the first year alone.

bio cups for takeaway coffees

NEW in 2014 Treble Cone in conjuncton with coffe supplier Allpress has moved to 100% BioCups and lids for all take-away coffees and hot drinks from the on-mountain Cafe. The new BioCups and lids use a corn-based plastic lining (PLA) and paper that is sourced from managed plantations that comply with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and SFI (Sustainable Forest Initiatives) standards. More info on BioCups.

Share a ride

Since 2007 guests and staff have worked together to greatly improve car-pooling with an average of 3.8 passengers per vehicle! The Treble Cone fuel consumption has improved too, dropping 15% on consumption since 2007. When heading up the mountain we suggest you continue to car-pool or travel on organised mountain transport services, you'll save petrol money, reduce wear and tear on your vehicle and reduce CO2 emissions at the same time. Check out our Car Pool page for more information.

Mountain Shuttles

In 2009 Treble Cone introduced a Mountain Shuttle service from the bottom of the road. This helped reduce traffic on the road and emissions from multiple vehicles traveling the road.

Drop your drag

Take your winter roof rack off your car at the end of the season, reducing drag means less fuel to power your car, lowering both your fuel costs and CO2 emissions. 

staff programmes

Treble Cone has implemented various staff programs to minimise enviromental impact and provide a culture of sustainability, these include; providing staff transport from Wanaka to Treble Cone to reduce the number of vehicles on the road, and providing staff with re-usable 'Keep Cup' coffee cups to minimise waste.

Kea conservation

Treble Cone's major fundraising support efforts is for Kea Conservation. Treble Cone collects money to donate to the Kea Conservation Foundation through collection points and also operates an annual fundraising event to raise funds for Kea Conservation. In addition Treble Cone helps educate guests and staff on Kea conservation and provides support to the foundation.

more information

For more information about environmental sustainability and what you can do to help, we recommend the following resources: