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  1. Stay in control at all times
    Know your ability, start easy, be able to stop and avoid other people. Losing control is the number one cause of falls. 
  2. People below you have the right of way
    The skier or boarder downhill of you has the right of way. Don't forget to look above before entering a trail.
  3. Obey all ski area signage 
    Signs are there for your safety. Keep out of closed areas. 
  4. Look before you leap
    Scope out jumps first. Ensure the area is clear of others and use a spotter on blind jumps. 
  5. Stop where you can be seen
    When stopping, try to move to the side of the trail and make sure you can be seen from above. 
  6. Don’t lose what you use
    Equipment must be secured while walking or stashing. This goes for rubbish too! Remember to take all your waste with you so it doesn’t become a hazard for others (or the environment).  
  7. Stay on scene
    If you are involved in or witness an accident, remain at the scene and identify yourself to the ski patrol. 
  8. Respect gets respect
    Right from the lift line, to the slopes, and through the car park – treat others as you would want to be treated.



  1. Protect the area by crossing your skis or snowboard(s) above the accident.
  2. Contact Ski Patrol and inform them of the type of injury and location of the accident. Ski Patrol can be contacted by:
                       •   Send a strong skier or snowboarder (if safe to do so) to the bottom of the
                            closest lift to radio for Ski Patrol
                       •   Call +64 3 443 7443 and ask the operator to contact Ski Patrol
                       •   Ski Patrol huts are located at the top of the Saddle Basin and Home Basin
  3. Stay on scene to flag down Ski Patrol and provide details or assistance if required.

Ski Patrol and Medical Centre operate at Treble Cone during lift opening hours. 


Mountain Safety Tips

Snow Resorts have numerous hazards, specific to alpine regions. The climate and snow conditions can change rapidly, and it is important for even the most experienced skiers or snowboarders to practice good snow and mountain safety when visiting ski resorts. Please familiarise yourself with the following snow and mountain safety tips before hitting the slopes; 

  1. Identify safe meeting points with your group in case you get lost
  2. Ski or ride with a buddy
  3. Know your limits. If you find yourself somewhere that exceeds your ability, leave your equipment on and slowly side step or side slide downhill. If in danger call for help.
  4. Observe and obey all posted signs and safety warnings
  5. Do not ski or ride outside of the resort boundary (without the right equipment and knowledge)
  6. Visibility can quickly reduce due to cloud cover or snowfall. Skiers and snowboarders are encouraged to slow down or stop when these conditions exists
  7. Cold conditions and wind chill increase the likely hood of frostbite or hyperthermia. Dress appropriately for the conditions and watch for early signs
  8. High altitude increases the chance of dehydration. Re-hydrate throughout the day
  9. Sun reflection and high altitude increase the chance of sunburn. Even on cloudy days, wear sunscreen, lip balm and eye goggles
  10. Be careful when walking in ski boots, especially when walking on hard, slippery surfaces around the base area
  11. Snowmobiles and Snow Groomers may be utilised by resort staff during operating hours. Please give vehicles a wide berth

For the safety of yourself and others, when visiting an alpine ski resort, please practise proper snow & mountain safety and follow the NZ Alpine Responsibility Code. 


Staying Safe with TC Cat - Chairlift riding

The Treble Cone Ski Patrol would like to thank ALLPRESS ESPRESSO for their support in purchasing new Ski Patrol equipment in 2013.