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What to expect at TC
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What to expect working at TC

How do I get to & from work?

Staff transport for general staff leaves Wanaka at 7:15 am and Snow Sports School transport leaves Wanaka at 7:45 am after doing pick-ups at various points around town. Transport leaves Treble Cone Base at intervals from 3:15 pm to 4:30 pm.

Treble Cone does not have any on mountain accommodation for either staff or guests. We provide free transport from Wanaka to get you to work and back on days that you are rostered on. The trip up takes about 30- 45 minutes each way, depending on the road conditions. It has to be one of the most beautiful commutes in the world- with stunning views across the lake and down the Matukituki valley.


Accommodation can be very tight in the winter, we strongly recommend that you try to arrange accommodation before you get here unless you are planning to arrive in early to mid-May. You should have enough funds to keep yourself either in a backpackers or camp ground while looking unless you have pre-arranged accommodation.

You will be asked to pay a bond when you are renting and most likely sign a rental agreement. In most instances, references are required. Although Treble Cone does not arrange or provide accommodation for staff, if you are having difficulty finding accommodation before commencing work, let us know and we may be able to help

Wanaka is a resort town and the cost of living may well be more than what you are used to. You should have enough money to set yourself up in accommodation including bond, electricity connections etc. and to support yourself for at least a couple of weeks after your start of employment date until you receive your first pay, and some extra to cover any unexpected costs throughout the season. You should also be prepared for the fact that you may have to share a room to manage your costs.

There are several options when looking for housing, most Treble Cone staff choose to live in the nearby town of Wanaka, where the staff transport leaves every morning. Wanaka offers plenty to do; bars, restaurants, cinemas, shopping, etc., a great atmosphere and killer views across the majestic Lake Wanaka and dramatic Southern Alps.

•            Most of Wanaka is accessible by foot. It could take up to half an hour or 40mins to walk to the outreaches of town.  (Beacon Point, Aubrey Rd, Sargood Drive)

•            Albert Town Is a 5 minute drive (from Wanaka Township). It takes a good 45mins to 1hr to walk home from Wanaka.

•            Luggate is a 15 minute drive (from Wanaka Township). You will probably need to have access to a vehicle if you live here.

•            Hawea Is a 20 minute drive (from Wanaka Township). You will probably need to have access to a vehicle if you live here.

If you are looking for accommodation here are a few options to try. Some of the local real estate agents run property management sections and are worth a go. The following have some listings online.

It would be highly recommended to review the guidelines and advice available on the Tenants Protection Association website, if you wish to engage in renting a property in New Zealand. Visit them at

They will be able to provide advice on how to rent a property and also let you know your rights and obligations when signing a new lease.

Bank & IRD numbers

Treble Cone will pay your wages direct into a bank account. We do not pay into overseas accounts or credit cards so you will need to open a NZ bank account. There are several banks in Wanaka who can help. Plan on arriving in Wanaka prior to your first day of work so that you have time to visit the banks. They are only open Mon-Fri during normal work hours

Banks with branches in Wanaka

  • Westpac
  • KiwiBank
  • ANZ
  • BNZ

You will need to open a New Zealand bank account first in order to apply for an IRD (tax) number.

All working people in New Zealand pay tax. To do this you will need an IRD (tax) number. You will need this number prior to commencing work in order to be paid. You must be in the country to do this as you need to apply in person at the appropriate location (most likely the Post Office).

You may need to supply a letter of employment to the IRD as a form of identification. If you have been offered a position with us you will receive a job offer letter and employment agreement.

IRD number application forms (IR595) can be downloaded from Inland Revenue website. You will need to show your Individual Employment Agreement and passport with the completed IR595 form to an NZ Post or IRD office, and it will take at least 14 days to process.

Remember, you will need a NZ bank account to apply for an IRD number. To complete the IRD number application form you will need your bank account details.

What kind of money can I earn? How often am I paid?

First year mountain wages start from $16.50 per hour, in line with New Zealand Department of Labour legislation.

For jobs that require more qualifications, skills and experience the rates will be higher. Our wages and benefits are comparative with other ski areas in New Zealand.

We require you to fill out and submit a fortnightly time sheet for your supervisor to check and approve before it is sent to the payroll department. We pay you once every two weeks, on a Wednesday night. You must have an IRD number and a NZ bank account before commencing work as you cannot be paid until you have both of these.

Will I need insurance? What is ACC?

In New Zealand there is the Accident Compensation Corporation, commonly referred to as ACC. They assist anyone who has an accident or injury in NZ. The amount of assistance varies and can be from medical bills to loss of earnings

ACC covers a portion of any treatment bills necessary and will also pay a percentage of your lost wages if you are unable to resume your duties straight away.

If you have an accident while carrying out the duties of your job, or if on a ride break or day off you will be covered by ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation). You will be treated by the Medical Centre Staff on the mountain free of charge and if necessary referred elsewhere ACC will pay a portion of any doctor’s bill and will also pay a portion of your wages should you be unable to resume your duties straight away.

ACC assess loss of earning based on you previous earnings, so in the first four weeks of your employment you will generally get very limited assistance help with loss of earnings.

Treble Cone provides a “Return to Work Scheme” so as to enable you to work in an area that is more convenient where possible.

We strongly recommend that you come with your own travel insurance specifically covering ski and snowboard related incidents, as ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) does not cover any treatment expenses out of the country.

Our advice is to take it easy and be mindful of your own safety while you are skiing and snowboarding. Treble Cone offers a training with a local physio on injury prevention and also on snow staff familiarisation sessions to help you to get to know the mountain.

Induction, Training and Development

We will provide you with training, education, ongoing seasonal support and personal development in order for you to perform successfully in your role and if you wish; to build a platform for you to progress within the Industry.

In association with Skills Active (ITO) our Induction and Training Programme for new employees provides a National Certificate in Alpine resort Operations (Level 3) by combining workplace training, and on the job assessment.

It incorporates aspects of your induction including health and safety; customer service; job specific training; mid-season assessment and exit interview. The qualification achieved is a national certificate with value across multiple industries and helpful for returning visa applicants.

What happens if the mountain doesn’t open?

If we have a delayed opening due to lack of snow, then we go into a stand down period. All staff are put on hold until the mountain is able to operate. This happens every few years and has been known to last for up to 3 weeks. We make every effort to open as scheduled with snowmaking operating from mid-May however sometimes we need some help from Mother Nature.

It is best to arrive in Wanaka with some reserve funds to cover your rent and food just in case.

We would encourage you to have at least NZD$2,000 available to you when you arrive. This will help set you up initially and help you survive until you start work. In our business the opening date can be delayed if there is no snow and no snow = no work.

Once we are operating we may have the odd day that we have to close due to safety concerns or adverse weather conditions. On these days you will be paid a 2hr closed day payment (up to a maximum of 2 closed days a season).

How do I know when I will be working?  Will I get fixed hours a week?

Just like all other ski resorts the start and end of the season seems to be quieter so you can expect there will be fewer hours to work then. Our peak season usually runs from mid-July to end of August so there will generally be plenty of hours at this time. We advise everyone to take the hours when they are available and save up to help get you through the quieter periods.

Generally, you can’t take holidays during the season.  In New Zealand you only become entitled to take a holiday once you have worked for the company for a year. If we can give you time off, we will, as we want you to have a great experience too. The option to swap a shift is available to most staff but must be done with the approval of your Manager.  Please don't ask for time off during our peak period (July and August), as we won't be able to give it to you.

Do I get a ride break?

You will mainly work a 4-5 day roster, which will be given to you 7 days in advance. The only guaranteed ride time is on your days off.

You can ski at Treble Cone for free on your days off or visit other mountains at a heavily discounted rate (you will need to take your staff pass and a letter of introduction from us to receive these discounts).

Some positions require you to ski/ride for your job i.e. Lift Attendant, Ski Patroller, and Snow Sports School Instructor but there are restrictions on where and when this is required are specific to each job.

Every department is different and it will depend on your supervisor but yes, we try wherever possible to get you out on ride breaks as it's a great way to stay enthusiastic and up to date on the conditions. Plus it’s lots of fun!

Departments that are based on the snow have easier access to ride breaks but indoor departments will also get them, as time allows. Commercial departments, Food & Beverage, Guest Services and Rentals will have limited access to ride breaks during the peak weeks of the season (mid-July to end August).


Yes we provide staff uniforms (a uniform charge may apply). They are warm and contemporary uniforms designed to suit the needs of the job. Most roles require you to supply your own footwear and if your job involves skiing or riding around the mountain then you will need to supply your own skis or snowboard.

Outdoor Uniforms are loaned to you for the time you are employed with us and need to be returned in good condition. If you return them damaged or lose them, then you can expect to be charged for the cost of fixing/replacing them.

We have a Uniform and Appearance Policy that all staff must follow.

What are some of the benefits of working at Treble Cone?

Treble Cone tries to improve its’ benefits each year based on our staff feedback. This year we offer discounts on the mountain and there are many discounts made available to you by local Wanaka businesses.  

We also run a staff event programmes as well with subsidised trips to other ski fields, cheap cinema tickets, Staff quiz nights, walks in the national park, Frisbee golf and other great events. These events change every year as we try to find new and fun things for everyone.

Just some of the staff benefits include:

  • Free Season Pass at Treble Cone,
  • Subsidised staff activities & party
  • Comprehensive ski and board improvement programme with fully-qualified Treble Cone instructors at a discounted price suitable for all levels.
  • $5 medical care at the mountain medical centre.
  • Discounts in restaurants /bars / gym / internet cafés / clothing and sport shops within Wanaka.

Should I buy a season pass at the early-bird rate?

Yes. If you get a job with us we will refund the full price of your pass if you haven't used it. If you have used it then we partially refund the cost. The best idea is to talk to your manager before you use it to check the status of your pass.

Can I get a second job elsewhere while I am working for you?

Yes. Just make sure you talk to your manager beforehand to ensure that it will fit around your job with us. It's always better to clarify in advance so we can support you wherever possible.

What gear do I need to bring with me?

It depends which department you work for. Generally outside departments will need thermals, socks, a hat, gloves and boots capable of keeping you warm and dry. You will most certainly need some kind of eye protection. We will supply you with an outer layer that you will be expected to look after and return at the end of the season.

Inside departments may need thermals, sturdy footwear and in some cases a hat. We supply you with a heavily subsidised uniform that you get to keep at the end of the season. It consists of an Icebreaker merino layer and merino loft jacket and a pair of jeans. A subsidised combination of uniform will cost you from $80-120 and will be deducted from your wages.

We have a great range of gear and great prices-Icebreaker base layer thermals, ski socks and beanies. Scott Helmets and Goggles and winter boots are all available to purchase from TC during training week.

PLEASE NOTE: Helmets are compulsory for all staff working or riding on slope while rostered on

Let's not forget that you'll be needing boots, skis and/or a board.

If you have it your own gear; Great!! If you don't have your own we have ex rental gear at great prices for staff. If you're an outside staff member without your own gear and need it to get around the mountain as part of your job then you will have first option of hiring.

Do you have Volunteers? or can I work for the cost of my pass?

Due to safety and guest service requirements all our employees are hired for the duration of the season and undertake a thorough training programme — we do not employ volunteers or internship placements.

Random Question

If you have a question that isn’t covered here, you may find the answer elsewhere on this website. There are a lot of details on our website, so please check carefully. If you still can’t find the answer to your question, please email us.