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Wanaka Ski Club

Treble Cone works closely with Wanaka Ski and Snow Sports Club to help local kids develop their skiing and snowboarding. The Club provides financial support, technical event expertise and they volunteer resources to make sure kids and adults can have a go at racing gates. The committee and members of the Club have incredible passion and understanding of competitive snow sports; they provide tangible support to deliver snow sports progression at Treble Cone.

Grassroots Funding

Many of the children attending Team TC and Riders and Slider receive financial support from the Wanaka Ski and Snowsport Club’s Grassroots Scholarship programme. This programme helps local families to pay for their childrens ski and snowboard programmes. To apply you must be a member of the Club and in year 2 to 8 at school. The financial awards can to be used for skills improvement across all snow sports disciplines and must be used at Treble Cone or the other local mountains.

 Race Your Mates

The members of the Club are passionate about alpine ski racing. To make sure everyone has a chance to race gates Wanaka Ski and Snow Sports Club set up a small course at TC for skiers and snowboarders to have a go racing their friends and family. This year the Race Your Mates course will be set on September 22, more details to follow. To make sure the younger kids can have a go, the Club will come and set up a course during our local schools programmes. This season Wanaka Primary, Tarras Primary and Hawea Flay Primary will get a chance to race gates thanks to the Wanaka Ski and Snowsports Club.

Wanaka Ski Club Website Photo 1Event support

Wanaka Ski and Snowsports Club help Treble Cone to deliver the Treble Cone Interfield event and a FIS event. We could not deliver these events without their expertise, professionalism and people. The Treble Cone Interfield will run on


You can join the Wanaka Ski and Snowsports Club online here. They ask families to join and also pitch in and contribute to running events and keeping the Club activities running.

We thank the Club for the support and encouragement they offer our next generation of skiers and boarders.