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ski & snowboard tuning

Running a little slow, or having trouble holding an edge? The Treble Cone repair shop holds the solution.

Ski and Snowboard TuningPrice
Ski or Snowboard Wax Only  $ 21
Ski or Snowboard Edges Only $ 21
Ski or Snowboard Wax & Edges $ 32
Base Patches (from) $ 39
P’Tex Repairs (from)* $ 12
*P’Tex work will be quoted on a case by case basis

Drop your skis or board in for a tune after the days riding and pick them up in the morning. That's a TUNE + OVERNIGHT STORAGE!

Tuning skis at Treble Cone's tuning shop

Ski & Snowboard Tuning (Waxing & Edges)

There is little more frustrating than an out of tune ski or snowboard. Slipping out carving on a wide, fast groom or getting overtaking on a powder day on your way out to Saddle Basin. Treble Cone ski technicians hand wax and edge your skis or snowboard specifically for our conditions.

Leave your gear overnight, or get a quick snowboard or ski tuning during the day. Treble Cone will have you skiing or riding to the best of your ability.


Don’t end your day because of minor damage to your skis or snowboard. Treble Cone offers on mountain p’tex repairs to your skis or snowboard throughout the day.



Break A Sweat, Not A Wrist