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The New Coffee Hut Name Announced


It's official, we have decided upon a name for the "Coffee Hut", after much deliberation, the name of our new coffee outlet is TwelveSixty.

Why? You ask yourself. 

Well, our newest coffee establishment is located in the TC Base Plaza, at the bottom of the Home Basin, which is 1260 meters above sea level. So a fitting name we feel. 

We received so many fantastic name suggestions, from the very 'punny', to specifically ski related, to honouring our TC legends. We thank you all for your input. Our expert panel deliberated over the top ten names and TwelveSixty fit the bill perfectly. It was to all our surprise that the winning name was suggested by our very own CEO, Jackie van der Voort!

While she wins the boasting privileges of having her name chosen, and possibly a complimentary cup of tea (the leading lady doesn't like coffee) she wanted the Treble Cone edition Icebreaker Merinoloft Helix Long Sleeve Zip Hood Fraser Peak Jacket to go back into the competition pot. 

So as a thank you to all the people who sent in names we collected all the names and pulled Richard Taal out of the hat as the winner of the jacket!

Congratulations - We will meet ya at 1260 for quick coffee fix-y.

Twelve 60