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Boost Your Health with a Skiing Getaway to Treble Cone

Article Written by Sally King

Treble Cone, home to the longest ski and snowboard runs of the Queenstown and Wanaka ski resorts, is a beloved resort for serious skiers, groups of friends and even families with little children. The resort boasts the perfect combination of action and relaxation, with great powder, a varied terrain with trails to suit all levels, adaptive skiing programmes, and group and private lessons for children and adults alike. Many visitors visit Treble Cone for the first time because of the thrill of skiing, the chance to pick up a new skill or the wish to spend a holiday to be remembered in a stunning wonderland of white. Just in case you needed a little more inspiration, however, check out all the reasons why skiing as good for you as it is exciting!

Enjoying Skiing

Anna Smoothy

  • Skiing heightens your proprioceptive abilities. Fitness isn’t just about strength and flexibility; it also involves proprioception: the ability to sense the different parts of one’s own body and the degree of effort being placed into each movement. Skiing requires us to make various slight movements and to place our bodies into numerous different positions. The more advanced we are at skiing, the greater our awareness of the movement of different body parts. Proprioception decreases as we age, so activities like skiing are a great way to work on this ability.
  • It prevents age-related injuries by strengthening our joints and muscles and helping prevent osteoporosis. Bones are very similar to muscles, in that they respond to exercise by increasing in mass. The best exercises to strengthen bones are are weight bearing ones – including hiking, racquet sports and skiing (especially cross country skiing).
  • Skiing wields cardiovascular benefits. Skiing can be hard work; it gets our heart pumping, thus bringing blood and oxygen around the body to keep tissues healthy. It also increases our lung capacity in many ways – even when we are simply waking up a slope with our skis in hand! Skiing is a big calorie burner, making it an excellent activity for those wishing to lose or maintain weight. Most skiers agree that the day seems to fly by when you are on the slopes; therefore, you are hardly aware of how many calories you are actually burning, owing to the fun factor.
  • It is great for the mind. Stress plagues most modern day human beings, but is especially detrimental for those with long work days, and those who may be suffering from a mental condition such as depression, anxiety or substance addiction. Indeed, in most top rehabilitation centres in many parts of the world, cardiovascular exercise is prescribed as an excellent way to keep the mind ‘in the present moment’. Of course, it is not just those who are in recovery who can benefit from exercise; so too can their families as well as anyone who cares for them regularly. Skiing is a fantastic way to forget one’s problems and daily stressors; as a nature based activity, it has powerful effects on stress hormone, cortisol, whose levels drop considerably when we spend time in the great uutdoors doing exercise.
  • Skiing boosts muscular strength. Skiing gives various muscles in the body a tough workout; these include the leg, abdominal and upper body muscles, as well as the glutes. Skiing is therefore a good way to keep age related muscle loss at bay. It can also be practised by persons with arthritis, since stronger muscles provide greater support to the joints.

Learning to Ski

Learning to Ski at Treble Cone

If you have never been skiing before, there are many ways that you can learn and hone your skills at Treble Cone. Whether you are a child or adult, you can opt for group or adult lessons. There are a variety of lesson times available, including one hour, a half or full day. Treble Cone also offers adaptive lessons, to allow people with a range of disabilities to discover how magical the slopes can be. The friendly team are happy to talk with your regarding the equipment and classes you will need. Sign up for a membership at Snow Sports NZ to avail of 50 per cent discount passes for you and a helper if needed. The membership also gives you a 50 per cent discount on lessons.

 Want to book a lesson - visit our Snow Sports School or email