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Jazz Park

Jazz Park setupJazz Park Fun Boxes






 Our Jazz Park features table top jumps (10-25 foot) and fun boxes including a super long flat and progressive flat down box. Also in the park hot lap is the long natural valley named Super Pipe holding hits and banked turns. The Jazz Park is groomed daily, never has a line up and is a perfect place to dial in some new tricks.

Treble Cone's Jazz Fun Park and Jazz Kids Fun Trail are generously supported by Jazz Apples.

Adding a natural ‘Super Pipe’ in to your park laps is something uniquely Treble Cone. 

NEW Features in 2015

NEW Jazz Park features 2015
Treble Cone has added a few new introductory fun boxes to the line-up of existing boxes and jumps. The features, supplied by Snow Park Doors, are tailored to the introductory freestyle rider, smoothing the progression, whilst adding variety to the park lap.

Jazz kid's fun trail

Let's face it, as soon as kids can ‘pizza’, they want to get Freestyle - get air and slide boxes. The Jazz Kid’s Fun Trail is utilised by our Treble Cone Cat Club (Kid’s Snow Sports School) to focus on new skills and smiles and will be open for families to adventure around at leisure. Treble Cone's Kid’s Fun Trail includes fun pint sized features accessible to even the littlest of skiers or snowboarders. Exciting features for kids to explore including archways, a rainbow and seesaw roll-box, surface features and loads of fun and friendly colours and flags. 

Jazz Kids Fun ParkJazz Kids Fun Park